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A Little Paradise Just Waiting to Be Discovered

Between the sea and the forest is Retiro Atlântico – Parque de Campismo Rural, the first glamping on the Island of São Jorge, Azores, with certified organic farming. In our food forest you find the biggest collection of rare and organic tropical and subtropical fruit trees in Europe! 

Come and meet this little paradise created by Hugo and Natacha. Sleep in the comfort of a yurt, wake up to the sound of the birds, enjoy our breakfast while Pico smiles at you, visit our food forest and venture into São Jorge.

We are waiting for you! 

Our Yurts

At Retiro you will find 4 yurts (traditional Mongolian tents) that will give you all the comfort you are looking for.

Main House

Every morning we will serve your breakfast in the main house where we will use our organic produce whenever it´s available.

Communal Kitchen

The place where you can cook if this is more convenient to you, enjoy your meal and, of course, socialize! 

Fantastic place, unique people our hosts Hugo and Natacha. Impeccable cleanliness. Sleeping in a yurt is a time travel a pleasure only within reach for those who come here. The breakfast was fresh and with everything essential for a healthy start. Kitchen with grill to enjoy dinner with sea view, fresh air is present in every moment. Congratulations to people who are able to create wonderful places like this. Felicitations

(free translation)

Hélder e Gabriel

Visit for the island, the Yurts and the place but come back for Hugo and Natacha!

It´s a living and constantly growing project that will be great to follow for all its potential! 

A must place in S. Jorge! 

(free translation)

João Amorim


What to Do During Your Visit 

Farm Tour, Yoga, Workshops

Get the most out of your stay at Retiro Atlântico! Go on a farm tour, do a yoga class or a workshop.

More information here.


Fajãs, Hiking Trails and Adventure Sports

The Island of São Jorge is known for its innumerable and magnificent fajãs (flat surfaces near the sea, created from collapsing cliffs or lava flows). We have more than 70! In 2016 the fajãs were classified by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserves. Many of them do not have car access being the only option to go on foot. The trail Topo-Fajã of Caldeira de Santo Cristo is a must-see! This fajã is known for its lagoon and tasty clams.

Our services include transfers to / from the trails, at an additional cost. More information here.

If you like adventure sports there are companies on the island specialized in this type of activities that include, for example, diving, climbing, abseiling and canyoning. 

Whale watching and swimming with dolphins are other activities you can do while in São Jorge Island. 

Cafes and Restaurants

The center of Urzelina is less than five minutes drive from Retiro Atlântico where you can find cafes and restaurants or,  alternatively, a mini-market if you wish to cook your meals in the communal kitchen.


São Jorge does not have a public transport network, so the best option to get to know the island is by renting a car.

Our extra services include transfer from and to the airport/port.


Swimming Spots

São Jorge has beautiful places where you can go for a swim. However, instead of beaches here you will find small ports or natural swimming pools. In Urzelina and surroundings there are different places to swim, the nearest is a 5-minute walk from Retiro and is called pier of Terreiros.  


São Jorge has two museums: the Cunha da Silveira Museum House, in Velas and the Francisco Lacerda Museum in Calheta. Occasionally there may be some show at the Municipal Auditorium where the Municipal Library is located.

If you want to know more about the traditions of this island, take advantage of it and go to a handicraft house (located in Beira, Ribeira do Nabo or Fajã dos Vimes) to find out how to work in looms, get to know the coffee plantations in Fajã dos Vimes, unique in Europe, or visit a cheese factory (located in Beira or Ribeira Seca).

Holiday Calendar:

January: New Year

February: In Azores we celebrate friendship with the Boyfriends´Day and the Girlfriends` Day. It´s also Carnival month

March/April: Easter

April: Festivities of São Jorge, patron of the island

May/June: Holy Spirit

June/July: Festivities of Velas Municipality and Calheta Municipality 

November: São Martinho

December: Christmas 


Retiro atlântico

Breathe. Relax. Smile.

Enjoy a glamourous vacation in the middle of nature.

+ 351 91 420 30 32
+351 295 414 073
Caminho do Extremo, 9800-425 - Urzelina

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