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In 2012 Hugo began building his dream. Together with his father he transformed what was once a forest into an organic farm based on permaculture principles. Our farm started the certification process in 2014 and is now a Certiplanet certified organic farm.

Here you can find different fruit trees, namely tropical, as well as vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs.


What can you find when visiting our organic farm?

  • Vegetable gardens

  • Agroforestry in permaculture system

  • Small pond with frogs

Square Meters

Varieties of Plants

Organic Certification

The farm is an “oasis” of good energy, freshness, good agricultural practices, where I like to go, especially after a day of work, to breathe the aromas of the earth and all the diversity of plants there.
The vegetables and fruits from the farm taste so well, especially strawberries, raspberries and figs, my favorites! ☺️
Thank you to Hugo and Natacha for their work!! Best wishes

Filomena Maciel

Retiro Atlântico´s location is excellent, with stunning views of the sea and Pico Mountain. When visiting the farm we were very impressed with the diversity of plants from around the world that grow there and how good it was to be able to taste the delicious exotic fruits that Natacha and Hugo gave us to taste. A fantastic experience! We are looking forward to returning and this time staying in the yurts!

Sara Falcão

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